Bandicam Download free is a popular screen recording program that allows you to capture everything happening on your computer screen, including online video streams, PowerPoint presentations, webcam footage, games, and more. This handy utility makes it easy to create professional-looking tutorial videos, product demonstrations, and gameplay videos to share online.

What is Bandicam?

Bandicam Crack is a lightweight screen recording program developed by Bandisoft. It allows you to easily record any area of your screen as a high-quality video file.

Some key features of Bandicam include:

  • Screen recording – Record your full desktop, a single app window, or a custom region.
  • Webcam capture – Simultaneously record video from your webcam as you narrate screen recordings.
  • Drawing tools – Use a pen, arrow, rectangle, or text box to highlight areas or add annotations.
  • Game recording – Optimize settings like FPS and graphics quality when recording games.
  • Video effects – Add overlays like your logo, image, or click animation effects.

Bandicam works on Windows 10, 8, and 7. You can record common apps like PowerPoint, Skype, Zoom, YouTube, and any desktop program. The lightweight software also excels at recording video games while maintaining high FPS (frames per second).

Bandicam Full version crack saves recordings as AVI or MPEG-4 files by default. You can also export screen captures as JPG/BMP images and videos to formats like MP4, WebM and more.

Bandicam Crack

Bandicam Crack Versions Compared

Bandicam comes in three versions – Bandicam (free), Bandicam Pro ($39 one-time fee), and Bandicam Ultra ($99 one-time fee). Here’s a comparison of the key differences:

Feature Free Pro Ultra
Watermark Yes No No
Max video length 10 minutes 24 hours unlimited
Resolution 1280×720 4K UHD 4K UHD
FPS 120 FPS 144 FPS 144 FPS
Codec MPEG-1 MPEG-4/H.264 HEVC/H.265
File size 1.8GB Unlimited Unlimited

The free version is great for basic screen recording needs, while Bandicam Pro unlocks better video quality, longer recordings, and no watermark. Bandicam Ultra has the most advanced features like 4K quality and HEVC compression.

How to Use Bandicam Crack for Screen Recording

Using Bandicam Free download to record your computer screen is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bandicam app and select your target recording area – full screen, window, or custom region.

  2. Adjust settings like video quality (up to 4K), frames per second (up to 144 for Pro/Ultra), and format like AVI or MP4.

  3. Click the Record button to start capturing your on-screen activity. You can toggle webcam and microphone input.

  4. Use on-screen drawing tools to highlight portions or add text annotations.

  5. Hit the Stop button when done recording. Preview the video, then edit or save to your preferred video format.

When recording, try adjusting the video size, format, codec, quality, frame rate, and sound input modes to optimize recordings for the desired outcome.

Useful settings include reducing the size for smaller files or boosting FPS for games. You can also activate PIP mode to embed a webcam feed of yourself into the screen recording.

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Recording Games with Bandicam Crack

Bandicam makes recording gameplay videos a breeze. Follow these tips:

  • For smoother videos, set FPS to your monitor’s refresh rate or a multiple like 60, 120, 144 FPS. Match graphics card performance.

  • Use a lower resolution like 720p or 1080p for older games. Improve FPS and file size.

  • Adjust video bitrate higher for graphics-intensive games to reduce pixelation. 6000-10000 Kbps is ideal.

  • Lower sound quality to 128 or 96 kbps to allocate more resources to video processing.

  • Activate hardware acceleration GPU encoding for smaller file sizes and video stability.

  • Use Game Optimizer Mode to disable Windows Aero and notifications during recording. Stabilize performance.

  • Record short test videos to fine tune settings until game recordings are smooth and high-quality.

Overall, Bandicam Full version crack makes recording Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, Roblox or any other PC game fast and easy. Just be sure to optimize the program settings for each game’s visual demands.

Recording PowerPoint Presentations with Bandicam Crack

To record a PowerPoint presentation with Bandicam:

  1. Open your presentation in full screen slideshow mode.

  2. In Bandicam, select the “Record PowerPoint” mode which optimizes settings like resolution and size.

  3. Adjust microphone settings to record voiceover narration simultaneously. Reduce system sounds.

  4. Consider enabling pointer highlighter effects like clicks and mouse hovering to direct viewer attention.

  5. Use annotations like arrows and text boxes to emphasize key points.

  6. To reduce file size, change video and audio quality to 480p resolution at ~8000 Kbps and 96 kbps sound.

  7. Save final video in MP4 or other small file format easy to email and share online.

Bandicam Free download makes it so easy to add professional voiceovers and crisp screen recordings to your PowerPoint decks. The specialized mode auto-optimizes settings to capture perfect presentations every time.

Editing Videos in Bandicam Crack

Bandicam Crack has built-in video editing tools so you can customize your recordings:

Trimming – Trim off unnecessary beginning or end portions.

Cutting – Eliminate unwanted sections by cutting out segments.

Merging – Combine multiple videos into a single file.

Effects – Add animations like overlays, intros, outros.

Annotations – Embed text boxes, arrows, shapes, etc.

Mouse effects – Emphasize clicks, cursors movements in video.

Chroma key – Remove solid color backgrounds like green screens.

While basic, Bandicam’s editing features allow you to modify videos without needing external software. You can splice together clips, highlight important areas, add captions, export small preview snippets, and more.

Bandicam Crack File Types and Formats

By default, Bandicam Download free records desktop activity as AVI or MPEG-4 video files. You can adjust encoding, size, FPS, quality, and formats under Settings.

Common video formats include AVI, MPEG-4, MP4, WebM.

Image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF for screenshots.

Recommended Formats:

  • MP4 or WebM for video sharing sites
  • AVI or MKV for storage with no quality loss
  • JPEG/PNG for screen captures to embed in documents
  • Xvid MPEG-4 for small file sizes with good quality

Get the most of Bandicam by selecting sizes, codecs, quality, and formats tailored for each project. Optimize for sharing online, retaining quality, or reducing file size.

Bandicam Crack Pricing and Plans

Here are the costs for Bandicam licenses:

  • Bandicam – Free version with watermark
  • Bandicam Pro – $39 one-time payment, per home computer
  • Bandicam Ultra – $99 one-time payment, per home computer

The Pro and Ultra licenses unlock advanced features and offer much better performance than the free version. You can install on 2 computers with the Pro license and 3 with Ultra.

Subscription plans may be available in the future, but currently Bandicam Free download is a one-time purchase perpetual license model.

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Pros and Cons of Bandicam Crack


  • Extremely easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Very lightweight, uses few system resources
  • Game recording optimization tools
  • Detailed control over video/audio quality settings
  • Annotations, mouse effects, chroma key features
  • Multi-language support


  • Free version has strict time limits, watermark
  • Can’t live stream game recordings like Open Broadcaster
  • No collaboration tools to invite other editors
  • Limited built-in editing compared to advanced software

Overall, Bandicam strikes an outstanding balance between simplicity and customizable options for screen recording. The few limitations are easily remedied by upgrading to Bandicam Pro.

Useful Bandicam Tips and Tricks

Take advantage of these handy Bandicam tips:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts like F12 to start/stop recording and F11 for screenshot.

  • Reduce lag by disabling Aero theme, using a lower resolution, and matching FPS to your monitor.

  • Activate Hardware Acceleration GPU encoding for lighter CPU usage and file size.

  • Install the x264vfw encoder to unlock better video compression options.

  • Adjust image quality down to 90-95% to shrink file sizes with minimal quality loss.

  • Change default save folder under Settings to easily find recordings.

  • Unregister bdcamnonadmin.exe in Regedit to remove watermark on free.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bandicam Crack

Q: How do I remove the watermark from the free version?

A: You can remove the watermark by uninstalling the 0bdcamnonadmin.exe0 file in Regedit. This is against their terms of service however.

Q: Why is Bandicam recording laggy or choppy?

A: Lower resolution, FPS, graphics settings to improve performance. Or upgrade hardware like CPU, RAM, GPU. Close other intensive programs.

Q: How can I reduce background noise in webcam/microphone audio?

A: Adjust audio quality lower, reduce system sound input volume, or enable noise suppression to cut background noise.

Q: Why is Bandicam file size so large?

A: Higher resolutions, FPS, and image quality mean larger files. Reduce these settings or use video optimizers to shrink file size.

Q: Can I use Bandicam on Mac?

A: No, Bandicam is Windows only software. For Mac, check out programs like OBS, Screenflick, or Apowersoft.

Bandicam Crack

Conclusion and Final Review

Bandicam Crack remains one of the most versatile and intuitive screen recording programs available today. It excels at capturing smooth, high-quality game footage, video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, and other on-screen activity.

While the free version is quite limited, Full version crack Bandicam Pro and Ultra unlock professional-grade recording tools for a reasonable one-time payment. Detailed control over resolution, FPS, formats, codecs, and annotations provide extensive recording customization.

For hassle-free screen recording that anyone can master, Bandicam is a top choice. The program is fast, efficient, and makes it easy to produce great looking demo videos, gameplay videos, and video lessons to share online or with colleagues.

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